Fireproofing is a passive fire protection measure that protects material or structures against fire.  It helps contain toxic gases to the area of origin by sealing around service penetrations or construction joints in fire-rated walls and floors. Certain walls and floors are required to meet a specific fire resistance rating.
  • Structural fire protection is essential to the fire safety of a building, for saving lives and shielding the building. It prevents building collapse in the event of a fire, giving occupant’s time to evacuate and the fire brigade time to extinguish. Ultimately, it reduces the rebuilding costs of a fire-damaged building.
  • Contractors such as electricians, engineers and plumbers can often leave hidden holes in the fire-stopping barriers as they perform alterations. A firestop system is a tested combination of the substrate, penetrating an item or items, an opening or annular space and materials, used to seal or protect the opening.
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