FireSure offers maintenance and support services tailored to our customer’s needs. Although this concept is still very new to some in the Fire Protection Industry, it brings a definite value proposition to the challenge of managing Fire Protection Assets, without the investment in dedicated resources.
  • Whip Fire projects understand the importance for a business to protect their staff, business operations and assets in the case of a disaster.  Being ever mindful of the fine balance required in minimising costs on managing and maintaining an asset that does not generate revenue. Fire protection is generally seen as a grudge purchase and Whip Fire Projects aims to minimise the effort of managing these assets, leaving you time to concentrate on your core business.
  • Whip Fire has structured our maintenance offering to suit multiple installation types and configurations, thus optimising your spend to suit your environment. The maintenance cost comprises a base fee for establishing and delivering a general maintenance service.
  • A levy is added based on the specific valves, pumps, hydrants, hose reels and other infrastructure that needs to be maintained or serviced. We co-ordinate communication with the clients, staff and occupants of the fire protected area for testing, action repairs and report to the landlord or building managers on the status of assets and systems.
  • Our vast experience with fire protection systems implementation and support services provides us with a unique capability to deliver a quick response to call-outs and emergencies. We carry stock of all serviceable components and are capable of swiftly responding to your emergency ensuring that your risk or potential loss is minimised, 24/7.
  • Service tasks:
  • Consulting and advice
  • ASIB report repairs
  • Fire systems testing and logging
  • Detection Control Panel testing and service
  • Fire Detection installation repairs
  • Pressure readings and Flow Tests
  • Valve chamber, reservoir and pump room service,
  • Cleaning and general maintenance
  • Tags, keys and spares management
  • Valve (ICV) maintenance
  • ICV chains and locks
  • Pump (Electric and Diesel) service and maintenance
Our people and service ethic is our key differentiators. Courtney Lesar and our experienced team of dedicated people make your safety our top priority. We at Whip Fire Projects combine the best that the market has to offer in skills, technologies, services and partners to minimise your business risk.
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