We Manage Fire

Fire detection and prevention is a given and Whip Fire Projects has established itself since 1981 as the top one-stop-shop for all fire management aspects of your projects – large or small.
    • At the heart of our operations are our sprinkler design, engineering and installation services.  Around this, we have built up a comprehensive range of products and services.  One point of contact for all your fire protection needs.
    • With Whip Fire Projects you will be certain that your building and assets are protected, safe and compliant with all fire regulations.  From small repairs to multi-dimensional projects, everything is handled in-house. Quality and high standards are ensured and remain under our control.
    • Building methods and designs evolve and become smarter and more sophisticated.  Fire services need to keep pace to remain fit for purpose, sympathetic to architecture and design considerations, yet accessible and functional in an emergency.
  • Whip Fire Projects get this. With our end-to-end services, you stay on top of things for years to come
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